To the editor:

Someone once said “Hatred corrodes the vessel that contains it.” It is a terrible thing because it is difficult to combat.

Hatred blinds. Hatred cripples. It interferes with the ability to practice reason, logic, or fairness. There is no insight.

So there is an inability to ever realize that you might be wrong or that your opinions, erroneous conclusions and distortion of facts might be based on lies.

Hatred is emotional and not objective or reasonable and is unconcerned with truth.

For these reasons, it is very difficult for a person filled with hatred to redeem himself because hatred alienates us from God.

Hatred is not compatible with love and Jesus said we should love one another.

Therefore, it is up to the faithful and non-haters to show their love by praying to the unfortunate haters, “sore losers” and “Trump haters.”

Our country needs help and many prayers. We are engaged in a spiritual warfare. Jesus said you cannot serve two masters.

If you are not serving God, then who are you serving?

God have mercy on us and preserve our wonderful country in spite of its imperfections.

— Joyce Hayes

Green Lake

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