To the editor:

(An open letter to the city of Princeton and mayor) As of the last few months we have seen an increase of U-turns on 2nd Street.

This issue is becoming a nuisance and will at some point will create a injury to both public and private property.

As a resident, our tangible and intangible property must be safe guarded from out town and locals who feel a U-turn is warranted on our property.

I would request a “no U-turn” sign be posted before the flea market starts up on July 18, 2020.

Please note we could use a good paint job to the cross walks with white and yellow paint, this is very neglected. Please note I have included Representive Ballweg on this email; maybe the DOT can pay to mark this intersection, note drivers are not giving citizens the right way at this crossing.

I will be posting a feed-back in the local paper on the said topic.

— Russell Beier


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