To the Editor:

Why not welcome refugees to Ripon? I will give you 376 reasons why.

First off, the 13 U.S. Service members that died due to the incompetence of the Biden Administration’s handling of the Afghan pullout. As a Marine Veteran myself, the 11 Marines that died have already been pushed aside and that is a tragedy.

Next, we have 363 Americans that the U.S. State Department announced this past week they are in contact with to get removed from Afghanistan. How about we focus on them before we push this leftist “refugee” resettlement idea?

We never asked for them to be sent to Fort McCoy, they were just dropped on our state by an incompetent Biden Administration that is proving they have no idea what they are doing, and now we must pay to resettle them? We can barely take care of our own Wisconsin residents, our homeless, our mentally ill, those that really need assistance. But somehow, we must give homes, clothes, food, and jobs to them?

I doubt the 12,600 had the proper paperwork filled out or were properly vetted to be called “refugee” to legally land on our soil. After all, that is what is supposed to happen according to our immigration laws that Democrats seem to completely ignore. Just look at our Southern Border where no less than 1.7 million have crossed illegally just since Biden took office. What about them?

When will the plight of ‘Americans’ come first? I am first generation American; you know.

— Pete Papageorge


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Kriss Standke

I get a kick out of all the liberal arguments... nothing but personal attacks and never on point. It's like you're all in the third grade HaHaHa.

Kriss Standke

First of all we wouldn't be having this discussion if Biden's withdrawal from Afghanistan wasn't such a complete and utter disaster. Why has the Ripon Press remained silent (for years) about taking in homeless US citizens? Since when do we put foreign nationals ahead of our own citizens? What about homeless US service members? How many leaders at the Ripon Press are setting an example by opening their doors to take in Afghan nationals? Do as I say, not as I do? You turn a blind eye to the American veterans and welcome foreigners... SHAME ON YOU!!

Adam Umbreit

Kriss, we have many programs for homeless servicemen including (HUD) to which these servicemen can apply for. They also have medical coverage and many job opportunities. Refugees do not have these options. For you to state that we do not support our servicemen over refugees shows your ignorance. As the leaders of the free world, it is our American duty to help and support anyone and everyone who needs it. As Americans, we have every opportunity to help ourselves to thrive in America if we choose to do so. If we can help other countries do the same then it is our sworn duty as Americans to do so.

Mark Alexander

Also Let's Go Sallie! It means the same as the Brandon but about you Sallie. I'd say grow up but if you do anymore of that......

Sallie Helmer

This begs the question—- am I running for political office?

Bill Bumby

Who cares whether you're running for office or not. The message remains clear, Sallie

Mark Alexander

Sallie please oh please do your same stellar research and show us the cost for all of the b.s. Benghazi committees. Stones and glass houses Sallie

Adam Umbreit

Pete, what if America said what you said when they went to war to fight for all of the African American slaves who were not from this country when they fought to end slavery? What about the refugees America took in after WWI, WWII, Korea? Vietnam? and so on? Your remarks are pure ignorance. I agree that we need to take care of our own any way we can, but we are not supposed to be a selfish nation much like you are taught while entering the MARINES. Bottom line, most of the rest of the world does not have it as good as we do here in America. These people are running from war, poverty, criminals and death. If you are so selfish in that you feel that you are being short changed by others having the chance to enjoy DEMOCRACY AND FREEDOM, then I am sorry you feel this way because being an American IS ALL ABOUT FREEDOM!

Sallie Helmer

Where are we going to flee after America is over run with people who will not assimilate into our culture and refuse to obey our Constitution because they adhere to Sharia Law. Islamists have every intention of turning America into a country kneels to the East and prays to Allah. If you don’t kneel to Mohammed they will kill you. First they lie to you about being your friend until they have two generations of 8 children to each woman (their chattel); when they out number you, you will become their slaves. A country has a border for a reason. We have immigration laws for a reason. America is being invaded. But go ahead believe everything you hear on the biased state run media. Let’s go Brandon.

Al Fresco

You are afraid of something. What is it and why? A wise person is wise until she speaks.

Al Fresco

Where are we going to flee? May I suggest we flee to the Middle East because all the Muslims will be here.

Dan Gatzke

Exactly what culture should these people assimilate into? The culture that includes the traditions and beliefs of the indigenous peoples of this country - the traditions and culture of the African-Americans brought here in slave trader ships - the culture and traditions of the Latino/Mexican people who populated the western part of this country long before Europeans forced them out - or the culture and traditions of the Asian Americans/Vietnamese who fled oppressive governments. Or should they just embrace the conservative right wing Anglo/Saxon belief that white is right and every thing else is subversive and a threat to the correct culture. Sharia law is already here - it is just disguised as being based in Christianity. Anti abortion laws do not have any basis in medical criteria - they are strictly based on a religious belief. That is Sharia law - laws based only on a religious doctrine. Let's go Sallie!

Dale Failor

We would have plenty of money if the Republicans would stop throwing money away on recounting ballots from our last Presidential election.

Arthur Baseler


Sallie Helmer

On Wednesday, DHS Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas announced new guidance to ICE and Customs and Border Protection (CBP) that creates a number of “protected areas” for illegal aliens where they cannot be arrested, including protests, rehab facilities, and homeless shelters.

In comparison, American citizens can be arrested for crimes in any location. To Leftists this is equity. For everyone else— we know better. America is not safe.

Sallie Helmer

Robert Mueller’s Russia probe (Witch Hunt) cost nearly $32 million in total, Justice Department says. Trump never colluded with Russia, Hillary did.

Adam Umbreit

I do believe that 34 people were indicted right? Trumps buddies like Manafort, Flynn, Stone, Gates, Cohen, Papadopoulos, Kolfage, 3 Russians and lets not forget about Bannon who is currently in hot water right? I'd say it was money well spent! Most of the money spent was because Trump and his shady fellas fought the investigation, so it was indeed Trump who cost us that much money not the Democrats Sallie.

Sallie Helmer

No one can spend like the Democrats. No one can lie like Democrats. Next you will tell me Hunter’s Biden’s paintings are worth billions.

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