With the Feb. 16 referendum looming in the Green Lake School District, many district residents have questions, including the following:

1. Why has school district spending increased from $3.8 million for about 400 students in 2002 to almost $6 million in 2010 for about 100 fewer students — 300?

2. Why is per-pupil spending here in the district about $19,000, compared with about $12,000 statewide?

3. The referendum asks for sums in addition to present spending of about $6 million of: $775,000 in 2010-11, $1,115,000 in 2011-12, and $1,380,000 in perpetuity after that. ... What exactly is this additional money to be spent on?

4. What tests do students in the district take to measure achievement, what are the results and how do the results compare to those in area school districts?

5. What specific steps have already been taken to reduce district spending?

It would be very helpful if the district board would hold an informational meeting so that area residents could get answers to these questions and others that they might have, before the referendum.

All of us have a stake in fostering the continuance of Green Lake’s excellent schools.

— Maureen Martin

Green Lake

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