To the Editor:

Most people are aware of the current situation with Boca Grande and their projects and prospects in Ripon. This letter is in regards to one of their properties in particular.

The Republican House has been many things in its storied history in Ripon: a family restaurant, a convention center, a toy factory, but for years now, it has sat vacant, in a state of disrepair.

Boca has plans for it, but they are yet more years off, and by their own admission it is low on their list of priorities.

Given their current problems with their other projects, there’s no telling when or if anything will be done with this building.

Recently I had a thought to change that. I propose the formation of a non-profit group with the dedicated purpose of raising funds to secure, renovate and operate the property as a performing arts center.

Our neighboring communities have similar facilities, such as Green Lake with Thrashers, or Oshkosh’s Grand Opera House.

Such a facility would be very versatile and could have many uses; it could be used to host concerts, theatrical performances and other forms of live entertainment, both born locally or by groups who would come to such a facility in Ripon to perform.

The space could be rented out at times as a hall or used for public meetings, or large gatherings.

... Anyone interested in being involved with this project can contact me at 748-2236, or email

— Brian Reilly

N9304 County Road E

To read the entire letter, see the June 14, 2012 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press

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