To the editor:

...Several years back we hosted a little Living History Event here in the Ripon area, call Hay Days. At this event we were most blessed by volunteer living historians, and re-enactors that provided a glimpse of times past.

Two of our friends that participated in our event have certainly lived this description of a successful life.

One being Dennis Laubenstein better known as the Old Miner. Dennis set up a gold panning sluice so kids of all ages could enjoy his passion for gold panning. Dennis always made sure every kid got some “gold.”

In May our dear friend passed away due to ALS.

Another one of those Living Historians was Shannon Jo Arritola. If you don’t remember Shannon, you most certainly remember her longhorn steer, Cowboy.

She had taught Cowboy to perform stunts like standing on a pedestal and bowing plus he was well acquainted with being saddled up and ridden.

A year ago in April, Shannon had moved to Colorado. We had reconnected and heard of her cancer treatments. Shannon passed away just a week ago, June 25.

... If you knew them or remember these wonderful folks, please whisper words of thanks.

— Linda Holloway

and Jim Goyette

WellSpring Farm

N5307 Brooklyn G Road

To read the entire letter, see the July 2, 2015 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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