To the editor:

I’m the individual who started the League of Legends club at Ripon High School. I’d like to be able to discuss some concerns among the community and hopefully alleviate some worry from your minds.

... I have a group of friends with whom I play video games together as a social event. It helps us express ourselves in creative and diverse ways, and we really enjoy it.

The point of making the club official was to take a lot of students who socialize in different cliques or groups and bring them all together to make new friends/bonds and have a sense of identity within the school district.

Studies have strictly shown that video games are incredibly therapeutic, help relieve stress and worry, and enhance your brain’s capability at quick decisions. While I understand the community believes it has an addictive quality to it, I’d like to suggest that students who wouldn’t have video games would otherwise fall into other unhealthier addictions that aren’t therapeutic or socially stimulating.

League of Legends is considered a sport by the U.S government. People get visas to come over to the United States and play it professionally. It’s a sport bigger than baseball.

... The League of Legends club being able to exist is a fundamental right that is stated in our constitutional amendments. If you want to research it more on your own time, I suggest you look up the court case of Club et al. V. Milford Central School. The court favored the club because it directly violated the free speech clause. You can legally have a club about anything as long as it doesn’t incite violence among individuals. Legally a school board cannot decline a club like this.

... I would appreciate it if everyone didn’t blame school board members. A lot of them were very patient and understanding about this, and there were arguments on both sides trying to reason through the situation. They are trying their hardest to make the school system a nice place.

— Casey Zei

672 E. Jackson St.

To read the entire letter, see the April 3, 2014 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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