To the Editor:

Are Republicans following blindly like sheep to the slaughter?

We live in a primarily Republican part of the state.

When I see the number of yard signs for Michels for governor I wonder how many people are supporting the Republican Party candidate because of his party affiliation or his personal values.

The Michels foundation has donated $20,000 to the Veritas Society. The Veritas Society website states: “Utilizing our advanced Veritas Society digital technology, otherwise known as ‘Polygonning’ we identify and capture the cell phone IDs of women that are coming and going from Planned Parenthood and similar locations.”

If he invested $20,000 as a private citizen to invade and exploit people’s privacy by capturing cell phone IDs, whose privacy will he exploit as governor?

He claims to be an outsider, and his experience in business qualifies him to lead Wisconsin’s government. There are two problems with his logic. First, the government is not a business, it’s a service and should be managed as such. Secondly, he is not a self- made billionaire; he inherited a billion dollar business.

Look at a candidate’s values and if he will protect or intrude on your personal rights.

Don’t follow blindly!

— Kurt Wilkens

Green Lake

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Dale Failor

Sallie, with all that manure you have, you should sell some to the farmers in our area.

Sallie Helmer

“The cavalry is coming.” Larry Kudlow

Americans Will See Right Through Biden’s Economic Falsehoods — and Vote Accordingly


September 18, 2022 . 9:46 PM

“You simply cannot tell the public that there is no inflation when prices for food, groceries, electricity, natural gas, and cars are rising sharply. Americans are smarter than President Biden thinks they are. No matter how many displays of cognitive dissonance from Mr. Biden, or falsehoods, or — to use a phrase I don’t like to apply to presidents, but must in this case — outright lies, Americans see right through it.

You simply cannot tell the public that there is no inflation when prices for food, groceries, electricity, natural gas, and cars are rising sharply. Even with the recent drop in gasoline prices, they’re still up 26 percent over the past year.

As a result, working people have been forced to take a 3.4 percent pay cut during that period.”

Al Fresco

You quote these people like you quote the Bible. Why are you so desperate to force your opinions on others?

Sallie Helmer

"Force my opinions on others" Al Fresco.

How do I force my opinions on others? Are you forced to read my comments?

I wasn't aware of that. The answer is that I am correct.

Sallie Helmer

Trump was one of the greatest Presidents. Tim Michels will be a great Wisconsin Governor.

"Trump alone saw a political opportunity in defending the working people of America’s interior whom the coastal elite of both parties had come to scorn. Trump alone had the instincts and energy to pursue this opening to victory, dismantle a corrupt old order, and bring long-overdue policy changes at home and abroad. We could not survive a series of presidencies as volatile as Trump’s. But after decades of drift, America needs the outsider Trump to do what normal politicians would not and could not do."

Victor David Hanson--- wrote a book entitled "The case for Trump".

Victor Davis Hanson | Hoover Institution

Al Fresco

I'm beginning to believe that you are the not-so-innocent victim of Russian trolls. They are everywhere and are poisoning minds such as yours. Like you, they have discovered how to use the Internet to their advantage. Be wise. Be careful.

Bill Bumby

Now, send trump another $20.00 because all self-professed billionaires need your Social Security money, Sallie. Can’t you see this clown is the biggest conman grifter EVER?

Adam Umbreit

"The case for Trump" Which one? He has many cases against him in court because of his lies and terrible business practices. I won't even get to the part where he thinks he can do what he wants with classified government documents. Bottom line, Trump is going down in history as the worst President that ever held office and will probably go to jail.

Mark Alexander

The right follows the most ignorant,unintelligent enciter of violence Our country has ever seen in soon to be brought up on treasonous charges Donnie anything and I mean anything for a $1 trump. All of this insane Q-anon garbage hes propagating and only intensifying to this day is sickening. How much of a sore Loser do you have to be to undermine our countrys security and citizens safety all because you lost an election Fairly? It's to the point where the government should be watching these people very closely because they are committing crimes they should be in prison for.

It is simple to see the vein that runs through All of the people that believe that nonsense. The are people with psychological issues that need treatment and possibly medication. Including trump. Especially trump

Sallie Helmer

Are Democrats following blindly like sheep to the slaughter?

Yes, they are.

Biden has waged war on energy production and deliberately spiked gas costs.

Crime is out of control. The Left blew up the southern border.

Foreign policy is in shambles. Racial relations are scary.

Between the raid and the star-chamber House inquiry, we are supposed to forget unaffordable gas and food, dangerous U.S. cities, over 3 million people swarming the border, and the Afghanistan debacle.

Al Fresco

Thank you for your very thoughtful and informative post. It is refreshing to realize that at least you have it so right that the rest of us can breathe easier and get a better night's rest. I never realized how bad it is until you shared your wisdom.

Bill Bumby

You would vote for Attila the Hun if he had an “R” after his name

Al Fresco

I think he's a distant relative

Joellyn Jaeger

Nonsense Sallie. Pure nonsense.

Adam Umbreit

Please inform us all of 1 bill Republicans got done "for the people" while in full control with Trump? Now, all these so called "patriots" talk about is how they were somehow wronged and what they are going to do to those who supposedly wronged them. Vote Republican if you want to be a part of the party of hatred and vengeance!!

Dale Failor

Michels is another Trump. Inherited fortune, not earned. He has never been in politics just like Trump. Look at where Trump is now and that is what Michels will be if he gets elected.

Sallie Helmer

When President Trump left office— inflation was 4.1% in January 2021. One year later after Joe Biden inflation was 7.5% in January 2022, now in August 2022 inflation is 8.3% and getting higher. Biden is ruining our country and you think that is a good thing!

Al Fresco

Presidents have nothing to do with inflation. Easy to blame them but in reality there are other factors that affect prices: COVID, for one, had the biggest effect when it disrupted supply chains. Consumers demanding more than what could be produced. Supply and demand. The price of oil. Oil profits have soared at our expense. Please, don't blame presidents for something you don't understand.

Sallie Helmer

Biden and the Democrats are so out of touch with reality that they celebrated passing The Inflation Deduction Act while inflation was rising and the bill they just signed will make inflation worse. The stock market fell as well while they were celebrating nothing. You believe the Fake News media and the lies they tell to help elect Democrats. VP Harris telling us our Southern border is under control. Lies— but you will vote for Democrats even if they murder babies in the womb up to birth and immediately after birth. Why? Because they promise you big government and redistribution of wealth. Socialism— that fails every time it has been tried. Failure is the result of Democrats’ policies.

Al Fresco

If presidents could control inflation, we'd have no inflation. If you could control yourself, we'd see more thoughtful posts instead of the expected rants you have gleaned from dubious and deceptive online sources.

Al Fresco

By the way, Ms H, your posts are off topic again. Read the OP's letter and you will see how far they are from topic.

Bill Bumby

Sallie is so out of touch, she thinks donald trump is still president. And, if that’s the case, he cannot run again in 2024. A person is limited by the constitution to just two terms.

Bill Bumby

And, if donald trump is still president, why is she blaming Joe Biden for her perceived ills of the nation?

Sallie Helmer

I read my comment again and must correct it.

When President Trump left office— inflation was 1.4% in January 2021.

One year later after Joe Biden, inflation was 7.5% in January 2022.

In August 2022 inflation is 8.3% and getting higher.

Biden is ruining our country and you think that is a good thing!

Adam Umbreit

Sallie, Trump passed the bill that started this inflation problem before he got his butt whooped out of office. Short memory?

Sallie Helmer

Biden is not responsible for anything he does according to you.

Joellyn Jaeger

Thank You Mr. Wilkens. Country before Party, especially in these incredibly unstable days. It is time to stop the madness ! Pitchforks- Good Grief !

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