To the editor:

Something is troubling me. The flags that imitate the American flag with black and white stripes are supposed to be in support of various groups.

These groups, while worthy of support in general, are not the ones profiting from the sale of such flags. In reality those black and white flags began with the white supremacist movement and are also meant to be a not-so-subtle warning to protesters.

The thing that bothers me most is that they have copied the design of our American flag, which is supposed to stand for freedom — life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness. I think it’s taking something sacred and turning it into something that’s not. Think of all the money being made by the angry people who are selling those flags.

At the “Trump Shop” in Rosendale you can buy them along with flags that dare you to try to take their weapons away, and flags in support of Trump.

Are we bundling all these issues together now? Who profits from these sales? Is this private enterprise or propaganda which is meant to intimidate?

I say that something as important as our nation’s emblem should only be used to celebrate our freedom and democracy, and not be a commercialized logo to be imitated and stolen for something that promotes something else.

Please understand that your dollars can be spent to support that cause, or they can be given to help others who are worthy of our assistance.

— Meg Schwemmer

723 Woodside Ave

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