To the editor:

(Written as an open letter to Ripon’s elected officials) To the city of Ripon representatives and administrators,

I am asking that you vote to require the wearing of face masks in all public spaces in the city of Ripon.

I am not a resident of Ripon however I reside in the township of Ripon and consider Ripon “my city.”

I am very loyal to our local businesses and try to support them both by giving them my business and encouraging others to do the same.

I feel that we have many great small businesses and services in our town with creative entrepreneurs who help promote the friendly feeling people have when they come to town.

It makes me sad and disappointed that I am not able to support most of the businesses now as I do not feel safe to walk into a shop where “unmasked” folks have been working and shopping.

In my experience downtown, only the new Tin Roof Cafe, J’s carry-out and Ben Franklin are pretty “safe bets.” And of course, Webster’s has been a leader in Ripon.

That leaves out many businesses where I had been a regular customer until this pandemic and until science showed that masks are so important and currently our best defense other than staying home.

There are very few businesses and as far as I know no city services (such as our public library or the city hall) now requiring the wearing of masks by employees and customers.

I do feel that it must be hard for any business owner who would like to see masks worn but fear to offend customers or lose employees.

It would be so much simpler if an order for masks were in place so everyone could be expected to do the safe and right thing. Lets protect the people of Ripon and this in turn will better protect the businesses.

I ask you to act quickly and decisively to pass a mask requirement ordinance.

— Debbi Konecny

N7929 Doty Drive

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