To the editor:

(Re: “Lack of mask ordinance has caused Riponites to get services out of the city,” July 30, 2020) In case you missed it last week like I did, Steel Magnolia, Headliners, Ltd and Hair Today were singled out because they CHOSE to let their clients decide if they wanted to wear a mask or not prior to the mandate. We have many protocols in place that are all based on Wisconsin’s recommendations for Hair Salons which included not making clients wear masks if they didn’t want to.

It’s been a difficult year for everybody-salons included. Business owners and Chair Renters lost revenue and didn’t qualify for unemployment until months after they went back to work. We worried about our staff’s personal financial situations all while our own were being depleted by incoming bills and the costs of PPE supplies. We searched frantically to find those limited supplies in order to be best prepared to service our clients when we received the green light to open.

It’s disheartening to find out that community members, who claim to be loyal and supportive of our local businesses as well as stating they “understand how hard this must be for businesses,” would call out any local business by name implying they did something wrong.

As for you Tom Konecny, you weren’t made to come in and guess what my protocols were. They were posted outside and in my entryway as well as on our social media for everyone to see. You could have done your research and prevented that “in person high risk” situation or you could have asked to come in when others were not there. We accommodate clients all the time when they ask and we are able.

It’s very puzzling to me that you repeatedly put yourself at risk by physically walking into our salons before first checking out our protocols and asking any questions. You neither spoke up or got up and walked out during your appointment at our shop. Instead, you pre-booked your next appointment only to cancel the next morning. I’m not sure why you would have set up another appointment seeing as you were taking inventory of everyone not wearing masks that were presenting health risks.

It’s sad that people find it acceptable these days to tear others down when faced with a difference in opinion.

Kindness is a choice that is accessible to us all. We just need to choose to utilize it.

— Kim Mack, Headliners

123 Blackburn St.

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