To the Editor:

(Re: “Americans don’t realize they’re being controlled,” July 23, 2020) I would like to submit a response to several points. It seems that the author of this letter is in fear of socialism. We are nowhere even close to Socialism in this country. It’s a fear mongering word. Point number 1. Control health care, and you control the people. She’s right on about this. Insurance companies control health care, not the government. If you think for one second that your health care is a joint decision between you and your doctor, guess again. And, don’t dare to debate me on this one. Between my husband and I we have 60+ years of experience in the healthcare field and it is NOT being controlled by the government. If you are so fearful of government healthcare and socialism then do not take ONE NICKEL of money toward your bill from Medicare, because that my friend, is socialism. The next time you visit the doctor insist on paying all by yourself, out of pocket. Next, gun control….”remove the ability to defend themselves from the government”. There are more guns on the streets and privately owned than ever before…why, so many that our Dear Leader has to send in….wait for it….FEDERAL TROOPS! But don’t let the government control you. Next, remove God from the schools. Okay let's say only Catholic prayers in school. No? Well then which prayers are the right ones? Get my point?

— Judy Gautheir

417 Stonehedge Court

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