To The Editor:

I got it, you don’t like him! You’ve indicated repeatedly you would never support him, utterly hated and despised him and have wished him failure with every attempt he made to lead. How special of you.

Consider a fact many refuse to accept. As an independent, I voted for Trump with great reservations. And my problem was what other choice did I have? What were the options?

I’ll agree as a personality Trump is a good example of the south end of a horse going north. I wouldn’t want to sit down with him for a cup of coffee. I won’t be sending him a Christmas card or invite him to a family gathering. But we had to vote for somebody!

The fact is the platform Trump represented was far more palatable than the Democratic policies we’ll now face. Does this nation have the desire for a fiscally irresponsible, progressive, socialist agenda taking away our constitutional rights and economic freedom, while defunding the police, and destroying our social fabric? Really?

You get what you vote for and many of you voted for this. It’s going to be an interesting ride.

— Louis Bock

25 Sunset Ave.

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Dale Failor

Sallie, you sound like a real stable genius, NOT. Maybe in 2024 you can work on Donald's campaign committee if he's not in prison.

Dale Failor

When is RCP going to start a limit as to how many responses one person can put in, Sallie put three responses in in 12 min, record time Sallie. Sallie just loves seeing her name more than the content of what she says. She will have half or more of all the responses all by herself, come on lets put a limit on this ratchet jaw.

Sallie Helmer

Quick -- look at that--- Sallie Helmer posted again. Dale you sound like a "Progressive." NOT

Adam Umbreit

What is even more concerning being that there were over 70 million people who voted for David Koresh...I mean Trump. Goodbye baby boomers! We all hope that you enjoyed your shameful pay raise from the fake stock market that Donnie whipped up, while you left a big bag of steamy dog poop for your kids and grandchildren. Shame on you all! As for the other uneducated trump supporters who also fell for this man’s idiocy, good luck in the future finding good paying jobs when the worlds well educated and skilled laborers pass you by!

Sallie Helmer

Why are people Socialists?

Socialists care about little more than the equal distribution of wealth and redefining justice as equality of wealth. Only Good intentions matter for Socialists.

There is overwhelming evidence that socialism impoverishes and brutalizes the people while free markets enrich and liberates. That profit seeking individuals in freer markets have lifted hundreds of millions out of starvation poverty means nothing to socialists because the entrepreneurs didn’t have pure motives. Yet the socialist leaders who have ruined entire nations are paragons of virtue because socialists attribute good intentions to them.

Socialists think they are morally superior and that Capitalism is greed. They never realize that the poor are greedy when they expect handouts with no effort to overcome their situations. Democrats defend their party’s promotion of abortion, homosexual rights, and transgenderism by claiming that at least they care about the poor.

“Morality is more important to them than wealth. They see poverty as a holy state, as have most Christians through history who admired the oath of poverty that monks swore. If poverty is holiness, then we should strive to make everyone as poor as possible instead of trying to end their poverty, but then I’m falling into the error of launching a spear of reason against the shield of irrationality.”

Socialists purposefully misrepresent what Socialism is. Many people tend to associate any kind of government institution, even the DMV, with socialism. Just because it’s a part of the government doesn’t make it socialist. How could you mistake basic government functions and services with socialism, an ideology that involves “abolishing private ownership of the things we all need and use?

Socialism has destroyed civilization while capitalism has built it.

Adam Umbreit

Sallie, an all capitalistic civilization has already been tried and failed. Ultra rich men like industrial capitalists Rockefellers, Vanderbelts, and even past Kings were men who wheeled money and power controlling everything! That is how capitalism turns out Sallie if left unchecked. It wasn't until "the people" had enough and used government to regulate these immoral dictators. Face it Sallie, without socialism wealthy people will head directly back to controlling our world. Socialism works Sallie, but without it we would be stuck right under another dictators thumb which is right where Donald J Trump and the Republican Party was headed. I guess "the people" had enough again Sallie because Donald J Trump lost his reelection.

Sallie Helmer

Adam Umbreit,

You are so wrong.

Socialism, Capitalism, And Income

by Edward Paul Lazear

"The disadvantage of having a large government sector is slower growth for all, which affects incomes of subsequent generations, rich and poor alike.

Proponents of free-market capitalism extol its high economic growth and freedom of choice. Advocates of socialism protest that capitalism is harsh and leaves too many behind. They argue that socialism is more benevolent. Most important is that if socialism is better for the poor, then low-income groups should fare better under socialism than under capitalism.

This study analyzes income data from 162 countries over multiple decades, coupled with measures of economic freedom, size of government, and transfers to determine how various parts of society fare under capitalism and socialism. The main conclusion is that the poor, defined as having income in the lowest 10 percent of a country’s income distribution, do significantly better in economies with free markets, competition, and low state ownership. More impressive is that moving from a heavy emphasis on government to a free market enhances the income of the poor substantially. For example, when countries were ranked on the basis of an economic freedom index in 2015, Mexico was the median country and Singapore was the most free. Changing freedom from the Mexico level to the Singapore level is predicted to raise the income of the poor by about 40 percent. All income groups benefit from the change, but the change typically helps the poor more than other income groups.

Additionally, a rising tide lifts all boats. When the median income in a country rises by 1 percent, the income of the lowest 10 percent also rises by about 1 percent. Furthermore, the richest 10 percent do not increase their income at the expense of the lowest 10 percent. In fact, the reverse is true. Incomes of the poor move with the incomes of the rich, not in opposite directions. Even when the income of the richest 10 percent grows more rapidly than the income of the poorest 10 percent, causing an increase in income inequality, the poor tend to be better off in absolute terms. China is an extreme example. There, the ratio of income of the top 1 percent to the bottom 10 percent rose from eight during the 1980s to forty by 2010. But during the same time interval, income of the poor increased five-fold.

The Nordic countries are important cases because they couple free markets with large government sectors and high levels of government transfers. The evidence supports the argument that large government and high transfers benefit the poor at least at a point in time. There is little doubt that an explicit program of transfers to the poor raises the income of the poor. There is a key additional fact, however. Only rich countries engage in significant redistribution to their poor. The median income in countries that rank in the top half for transfers is about 2.5 times as high as the median income in countries that rank in the bottom half for transfers. Generosity does not appear to be system-specific. There is no tendency for countries with more state ownership to engage in higher transfers.

Transitions from socialism to free-market capitalism take different forms and have different consequences. In China, growth was rapid and the income of all groups rose rapidly, but at substantially higher rates for the top 10 percent of earners than for the bottom 10 percent. In Chile, growth was substantial and parallel. Incomes of the richest and poorest grew at similar rates. The former Soviet bloc experienced a large drop in GDP during the early transition, which hurt the poor more than the rich. Venezuela, which went in the opposite direction, namely from freer markets and private ownership to socialism, saw income stagnation and decline for all.

In sum, all income groups benefit from having free markets and private ownership, but this does not preclude some income transfers. The disadvantage of having a large government sector is slower growth for all, which affects incomes of subsequent generations, rich and poor alike."

Robert Meyer

I whole heartedly support L.Bocks comments.In brief let me show you an example of Obama/Biden policies.March 7th,2012 Obamas Security and Exchange Commission Ruled that the use of HEK-293,[Human Embryonic Kidney] tissue use by Pepsi Cola as flavor enhancers was business as usual and thereby O.K. On Sept 24th 2018 The Trump administration Health and Human Services Department cancelled the contract between Advanced Bioscience Resources and the Food and Drug Administration for supplying fetal tissue for research purposes.Republican for me.

Michael Shohoney

Bob, Bob, Bob. I know you're smarter than this. Please stop listening to the echo chamber. The story you spin in your comment is horse hockey. Please read below.

Bill Bumby

I’m sure you are equally opposed to the monoclonal antibody cocktail, Regeneron, that trump supposedly received for his contraction of the Covid 19 virus. It too was developed and manufactured using HEK-293. As for its use as an additive in Pepsi Cola, welcome to Sallie’s fever swamp.

Mark Alexander

Apparently fox news was pumping out in english what the trump campaign was pumping out on Florida airwaves in espanol.... Socialism socialism socialism. Right wing people that think handing over their money to the wealthy and never getting Anything in return is so sad!!! Right wing agenda is to help the 1% while claiming religious values and gun rights to get the uninformed to vote for them.

And for Anyone to think there's Any chance for the election to be overturned in Wisconsin or anywhere else shows how unequivocally they have been misled by fox news... O.A. N. and Russian trolls on facebook. Believing in q anon and every other make believe conspiracy theory including those spewed by don has enraged and encited those who are mentally susceptible to lies and conspiracy theory rhetoric

Michael Shohoney

Louis, you've paid ZERO attention to the fiscally irresponsible policies of Cheetohead, apparently. The deficit is at record numbers and that was prior to the pandemic. All he did was artificially inflate the value of the stock market by giving corporations the biggest handout in history. A handout which they showed on the bottom line but used to buy back their own stock further driving up their share price and value. It's all smoke and mirrors. And you (and many others) fell for it. Wow. While he did this he got away with being a buffoon, disrespectful, derisive, dividing, etc. (need I go on?). He is a public humiliation. Even your past hero presidents said as much. It's too bad that you couldn't see the forest for the trees...or shall I say, couldn't see past the letter D behind Joe Biden's name? I welcome Joe Biden to be a healer, to bring this country together. As he said, I won't be a Democratic president, I won't be an Republican president, I will be an American president. I will be your president whether you voted for me or not. No enemies..unlike the child currently sitting at 1700 Pennsylvania Avenue. Will there be a mess over the next four years and beyond? Yep. What happens? The Republicans take office, install tax cuts (that are NEVER paid for during their terms), fatten the wallets of their wealthy supporters and fool the common man into thinking that they're better off. Then they lose. The Democrats take office and have to clean the mess up often with some painful lessons along the way. Don't believe me? Go look up how the deficit and budget numbers change over history. It's a shame that you can't figure that out on your own. But, I'm sure the next time around you will vote for R. Hard to change such ingrained ways, I'm afraid.

Carol Cate

Yes! Yes! Yes! Thank you Michael! I am waiting for the Republicans to complain about how we need to "balance the budget" which they always do when a Democrat is in the White House!

Sallie Helmer

Hi Carol,

Our last Governor Scott Walker did balance our State budget.

Thank you very much.

Carol Cate

Bless you Sallie, I was waiting for you! So happy you didn't disappoint! Happy Holidays Sallie!

Sallie Helmer


You should read the book ‘Road to Serfdom’. It would explain the dangers of Socialism to you.

Sallie Helmer

Trump can still win the 2020 election. Governor Evers new voting rules are unconstitutional in WI. The state constitution only allows the legislature to change voting laws. Why don’t the Democrats want to investigate the fraud?

Michael Shohoney

Sallie, the level of your lack of accurate information is astounding! This was adjudicated in the Supreme Court. Read it and weep.

As far as socialism... That is the neocons dog whistle to get you R voters all riled up. No, we are not becoming a socialist country. At least no more than we already are. I assume that you collect social security and accept it. You let the city plow your streets. You expect the police to protect you. You expect the fire department to respond if you are in need. You sent children to public schools. All socialist programs. So, Sallie, are you a socialist? Hmmmmm.

Sallie Helmer

According to a recent poll from Rasmussen, about half of all Americans — and roughly three-quarters of Republicans — believe it is “likely” that Democrats stole votes or destroyed pro-Trump ballots in certain states in order to help Democratic nominee Joe Biden win the 2020 election, Breitbart reported.

Michael Shohoney

Really, Sallie? How about a link? Oh, and you do realize that Rasmussen is considered the least accurate, most right leaning pollster in existence, right?

Sallie Helmer

Results were “rigged”

"The Rasmussen poll isn’t an outlier either, as similar findings have been reported by other pollsters in the wake of the disputed presidential election.

Between Nov. 8-10, Economist/YouGov pollsters asked a number of registered voters online if they thought voter fraud had occurred in the election and if such fraud had been enough to change the outcome of the race. Overall, 75% of all voters believed there was fraud to some extent — 40% who thought it was sufficient to change the outcome and 35% who thought it didn’t quite reach that level — and only 17% who thought there had been no fraud whatsoever."

Michael Shohoney

Sallie. Oh, Sallie. Read it and WEEP. It's OVER!

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