To the editor:

Dear Ripon Friends,

Although my husband and I retired to another state to live near our son, we still have friends in Ripon and read the online Commonwealth. I just read an article today about Robin Wolzenburg and her desperation around the Covid illness in area nursing homes. I just read Tom Konecny’s letter to the editor addressing Joan Ballweg and the Covid questions that she will not answer. Earlier this evening, I also read in an East Coast newspaper that your Senator Ron Johnson held a hearing in his Senate committee last week where he and three witnesses were promoting a malaria drug to treat Covid, a drug that has been shown to make no difference for ill patients. Why did Wisconsin voters return Mr. Johnson to the Senate when he doesn’t yet have a grasp on how to treat this dangerous virus? Why do people in many parts of Wisconsin try to deny the danger of Covid and refuse to take sensible precautions? Are these choices just political posturing? We loved Wisconsin and Wisconsin’s people. What has happened to their down-to-Earth commonsense?

— Sheila House

Middlebury, Vt.

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Adam Umbreit

I am also a transplant from out of state and ever since I moved here I do not "get" how folks around here think. Wisconsin is "old" meaning most of our young folk get the heck out of this state because there is nothing for them here (including my own kids) leaving our sad retired state the way it is.

Most folks around here are uneducated farmers or factory workers who rarely make it out of their counties to see truly how much further ahead the rest of the world really is. The other common factor is there are a lot of older retired German-Polish folks who in my opinion tend to think a lot different than most. They like being told what to do and like to not have to think for themselves while keeping it the “same as it always has been” mentality.

As far as this states representatives go, they have our state so rigged they can't lose their elections! All of us younger more progressive free-thinking people can do is wait out Wisconsin’s older population hoping by then Wisconsin will once again be more progressive and open to change.

Sallie Helmer

Adam Umbreit writes,---"All of us younger more progressive free-thinking people can do is wait out Wisconsin’s older population hoping by then Wisconsin will once again be more progressive and open to change."

It is not just 'Wisconsin's older population' it is a majority of Wisconsin's

s population who believe in the rule of law-- you know like the U.S. Constitution. When Governor Evers made new voter rules just before the 2020 election-- the new rules are unconstitutional because new state voter laws have to go through the WI state legislature which they did not. The challenge from Texas should go to the U.S. Supreme Court-- and the "Kraken" will be released. Trump will be the winner. God Bless America and our Founding Fathers who indeed were the best.

Mark Alexander

Wisconsin is a reflection of many but not all of our current sadly misled United States. Ron Johnson IS a pathetic sad sellout who is a mixture of Lindsey Graham and Rudi Giuliani... The worst parts of each. Just see his repeated appearances on fox news purporting Bidens son and the laptop scandal. He kept saying there was a ton of information forth coming that was going to prove it all and blah blah hoping it would sway the election but of course nothing ever came of it. Agencies investigated and said there was no proof of any of Rons accusations. He very much seems to be a trump wanna be and his minion. All greed. There are more and more politicians selling out to try and enrich themselves. And he spewed the trump rhetoric pertaining to covid too. Robin Vos and Fitzgerald are the most outdated politicians in our state that have hurt the vast majority of Our citizenry with their policies but as always people vote for the R next to their name without learning anything about their true policies or agenda only believing poorly made political ads made by dumb names like American pac for prosperity or like minded lameness and the stereotypical talking points like they're gonna take away your guns and yada yada. Same with propaganda on Facebook etc. The whole time hurting the middle and lower classes (99% of us) with what they actually implement.

Sallie Helmer


The Kraken has been released. The Kraken is SOF directed against domestic enemies who committed the election theft of 2020.

This Kraken is needed because the CIA was running a rogue ELECTION THEFT!!!! operation out of our US Consulate office in Frankfurt Germany starting Tuesday, November 3rd, 2020.

This is similar to the dozens of other election theft ops that the CIA has conducted in other countries around the world, very illegal then and now. Americans got a taste of what its like to be fraked by the CIA. Something many countries around the world already know.

The US Army command was ordered by DoD and Trump to go in to Frankfurt and seize the CIA's own servers as evidence of the theft.

The US Army did NOT raid Scytl's Frankfurt operation, that story is a ruse.

The US Army seized American servers. We own them. We retrieved our own servers from a rogue CIA Election Theft Operation (similar to Hammer/Scorecard). Now President Trump has the servers.

Trump watched in real time the theft of the midterm 2018 elections particularly in Southern California. He knows that Nancy Pelosi (40 years in office), Diane Feinstein (60 years in office) and Adam Schiff (20 years in office) have never won a fair election in their entire political career. All fraud, all cheating.

Trump knows California is RED Trump territory.

This news will bring down the CIA, FBI, all of the major news organizations Washington Post, New York Times, Wall Street Journal, all of the television media, ABC, CBS, NBC, CNN, FOX, all of the tech titans Facebook, Twitter and especially Google.

Foreign governments in Canada (PM Justin Trudeau), in United Kingdom (PM Boris Johnson), in France (President Emmanual Macron), in Germany (Chancellor Angela Merkel) and even the entire European Parliament will collapse.

Trump has encrypted calls of John Brennan and Chris Wray commiting sedition.

Trump has encrypted communications between Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi and Senator Chuck Schumer commiting sedition.

Trump has information proving that dozens of Congress people, Senators and Governors all around America have committed election fraud and sedition.

Trump has all the information and evidence needed to prove that CNN, FOX, Facebook, Twitter have all conspired to steal this election from the American people.

President Trump has all of this information.

How? Trump controls the NSA and the NSA has everything. Trump has everything because the NSA has everything.


Scytl is yet another company implicated in the Election Fraud of 2020.

Scytl = Psy Tel = Psychological Intel = CIA Front Company

(Smart-matic is the software used in Dominion. Dominion Voting Systems is used for elections in Canada, U.K. France, Germany and European Union Parliament)

The word 'Dominion' from Dominion Voting Systems is defined as total control over, no freedom.

Dominion Voting Systems corporate slogan: "Changing the Way People Vote"

Yup, they sure are.

Also note: The corporate logo for Dominion Voting Systems, please go take a look at their logo. It is a red paper ballot going into a box and a blue paper ballot coming out of the box. They are telling you right in front of your face that they are cheating!

CISA recently stated that "There is no evidence that any voting system deleted or lost votes, changed votes, or was in any way compromised. The November 3rd election was the most secure in American history."

What CISA is not telling you is that Dominion Voting Systems and Smart-matic both serve on the board of CISA's Executive Committee of the Election Infrastructure Government Coordinating Council (GCC) and the Election Infrastructure Sector Coordinating council (SCC). Both Dominion and Smart-matic are "organizing members" of the SCC.

Why are so many Dominion Voting Systems employees deleting their LinkedIn profiles? Over 100 employees have now deleted their profiles from that site. Further, why are so many of these employees based in Serbia?

Why is Dominion Voting Systems co-located with 'Tides' a George Soros organization both of which are headquartered in Toronto, Canada at the same building address of 215 Spadina Ave.?

Donald Trump tweets Nov.16, . 6.06 am

"Try Watching @OANN. Really Great."

Why did President Trump tell his Twitter followers to watch @OANN (One America News Network)?

Because OANN broadcast an Electoral Map showing the real time election results from the seized CIA servers before the numbers were fixed for Biden:

Trump 410, Biden 128

Note: California, Minnesota, and Hawaii all went RED for Trump !



Michael Shohoney

This may be the singularly most ridiculous post I've ever seen. Your life in the echo chamber must be so miserable, it's sad. Seriously, you believe this stuff?! It is so far from reality that you really should talk to a professional about your health.

Bill Bumby

Sallie’s mind is a fever swamp.

Sallie Helmer

Democrats and the media assured us that President Trump colluded with Russia.

He didn’t.

They also promised us that Hunter Biden did nothing wrong!

Bill Bumby

Follow Sallie on “Parler”

Michael Shohoney

That's exactly where she copied that from.

Dale Failor

I don't know where you are from now but check the news, it is all over not just Wi. Yes Ron Johnson is a flake like the other Republicans on the supreme court in Wi that are stopping Tony Evers from passing stricter guidelines for COVID. The entire state is suffering because of people like Joan Ballweg and Ron Johnson. Think Wi is bad, look at the Dakota's.

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