To the editor:

In recent news, more than a dozen U.S. states have been introducing legislation to curb President Joe Biden’s Jan. 20 executive order on “preventing and combating discrimination on the basis of gender identity or sexual orientation.”

This executive order includes, specifically, transgender individuals and their ability to participate in athletics at high school and college levels.

“Children should be able to learn without worrying about whether they will be denied access to the restroom, the locker room or school sports,” the order stated.

On March 2, Wisconsin became another state to propose legislation that would essentially tear these rights away from our transgender children.

According to the Human Rights Campaign, the term “transgender” means “people whose gender identity and/or expression is different from cultural expectations based on the sex they were assigned at birth.”

Gov. Tony Evers tweeted on the same day his acknowledgement of transgender youth and their struggle regardless of participation in school sports.

Several representatives with the Wisconsin LGBTQ Caucus sent a press release in response to the bill, authored by Barb Dittrich (R-Oconomowoc), that expressed their disappointment in legislation such as this, calling it an attack on transgender youth “who simply wish to exercise the same rights and opportunities as their peers.”

“This proposed legislation is cruel and discriminatory and will cause further harm to children who are already under attack for simply being themselves,” the press release continued. “There is no place for discrimination in our schools, and that includes organized athletics. We must welcome and champion all athletes, regardless of gender identity or expression.”

And it’s that simple. There should be no rule or legislation put forth in regard to barring students — children, no less — from playing their favorite sport because of how they identify and express themselves.

If parents were accepting of their transgender children in the first place, they could help them get put on the proper medication to begin transitioning. Whether it be a male-to-female person starting estrogen or a female-to-male individual starting testosterone, there are then no ways that there can be an “advantage.”

I know several transgender folks, and those who are transitioning or have transitioned said that their levels, after some time, are equivalent to that of a biological male or female anyway.

This bill has no effect on schools, sports or parents: it is a specific attack on transgender youth. You probably disagree with this because you’re uncomfortable with trans folks. Let them play.

— Kaitlyn Scoville


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Dale Failor

Sallie has probably already donated it to Trump's 2024 campaign.

Bill Bumby

Hah! trump won’t run for office ever again. But, he will continue to fleece the dupes and rubes out their $20.00 bills because it’s the most lucrative grift he’s ever run.

Mark Alexander

Sallie there should not be a crazy conspiracy theory driven right wing coup faction that decides to storm our nations capital killing people. But I see you taking that side time and time again instead of admitting you are the misled brainwashed sheep side that you are so in fear of. Your people have done more harm to our country, our society in 4 years than has been done in such a short time frame in our country's history. Your ostrich head in the ground thinking is a stalling all advancement in logic and common sense degenerative blight. Rational minds are tired of waiting out the phasing out of the bye gone regressive generation. We out number you and will no longer let you bully pulpit your way like a petulant child into getting your way. We are moving forward

Sallie Helmer

Student challenges Ben Shapiro on Transgenderism: "If it makes them happier, what's the harm?"

Children should not be deciding to change their gender and government should not force parents to allow government to make decisions about their children.

Cassius Will

Allyson Felix won an Olympic Gold Medal with a 100m dash time of 10.89 seconds. Over 300 high school boys could beat that time. I'm not disparaging women, it's just facts. What happens if on of those boys starts transitioning to a female? 1 month on estrogen still won't level that playing field. Neither would 6 months. Neither will a year.

Cassius Will

I'm all for trans rights & everything, but I think you do need to take a biology class if if you believe that MTF aren't at an advantage in girl's high school sports. IT IS SCIENCE. I don't really consider myself political, & don't really belong to the right or left, but there is a common thread I see among leftists. They believe science is real until it comes to trans rights.

Sallie Helmer

Democrats purposely divide groups of people against one another. It is part of their Marxist theories. They don't care about science.

Sallie Helmer

"Restrictions harm the emotional and physical well being of transgender youth.”

There should not be "transgender youth". Children by their emotional immaturity cannot decide to change their sex. Parents have that authority not government. When they become 21 they can make decisions about mutilating their bodies to become a sex 'in their mind' they will never become. Transgenderism is designed to ruin peoples lives. Wisconsin needs to pass a law to protect our children from Liberal myths.

Kaitlyn Scoville

Michael Shohoney

Sallie, your response is typically tone deaf. But, even with that, adult status is achieved at age 18 by law, not 21. Additionally, many youth younger than 18 file for and achieve adult status prior to that by filing for emancipation.

Michael Shohoney

Sallie, totally off topic here, but asking. Since you hate anything done by Democrats, will you be returning your Covid relief money? I mean, not one single Republican voted for it even though 70% of the country is in favor of it. So, I assume that you'll be sending it back into the US Treasury, right?

Bill Bumby

It’s filthy “socialist money”, Sallie...Donate it to “The Ripon Food Pantry” instead

Sallie Helmer

Hi Bill,

Thank you for your concern for my money. Please, why don't you tell me where you donate your money?

Sallie Helmer

Democrat states are being bailed out by Conservative Republican state tax payers, who manage their state budgets and didn't allow Antifa rioters to burn down their cities.

SEN. JONI ERNST: "For heaven sakes, there was 91 percent of that bill that did not go to supporting Covid-related recovery, so 91 percent of the bill shouldn’t have passed. We really need targeted relief. That's not what we saw in this $1.9-trillion package. Iowans are in particular upset about the fact that they will be bailing out blue states that don’t manage their budgets, that have excessive pensions, and my taxpayers who manage their finances quite well will be the ones bailing out these poor blue states ..."

Bill Bumby

Both of my stimulus checks went to “Manna Food Bank” here in Asheville, NC. The two checks I received during the Bush administration following Sept. 11th, 2001 went to “The American Red Cross”. Because we were moved by photos in The Commonwealth of 1/2 mile long lines of cars for food, “Traded Treasures Food Pantry” was also the recipient of two checks during 2020. Any other questions, Sallie?

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