Ideas for cost-sharing were batted around during a joint meeting of the Green Lake and Princeton School Boards last week.

Green Lake’s Gordy Farrell asked the Princeton School Board members about Markesan’s proposed 7-12th grade “regional high school” idea.

Markesan has asked both Green Lake and Princeton to consider sending upper-level students there for possible cost savings.

During last week’s joint meeting, Princeton board members expressed doubt that Markesan’s idea would save operations costs.

“I guess what bothers me is they’re saying this stuff [about savings] with no proof,” Princeton board member Rich Hebbe said.

“Personally, I think they overbuilt [the facilities after a $10 million referendum in 1998] and they’re looking for other districts to bail them out,” Hebbe added.

Princeton, whose school district has more students than Green Lake, now has a combined administrator/principal position. Princeton board members indicated this change has gone well, saying teachers are expected to handle more of their own student discipline.

In recent years, Green Lake students have joined with Princeton for football, softball and track.

Princeton board member Cheryl Sina said she hopes Green Lake will return the favor — perhaps in baseball, where Green Lake has been strong in recent years.

Both boards expressed interest in meeting again, although no date was set.

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