(Re: “Black dorm director: I’m a unicorn in this town,” Oct. 26, 2017) I agree with the statement in the LaPerish Barnes article regarding civil rights being a “humanity and human decency” issue and not necessarily political, although leadership can exacerbate existing conditions.

Every continent and country throughout history, no matter their politics, has had serious discrimination issues based on race, gender, religion, wealth, size, lineage, or even if you were born north or south of a regional border.

Perhaps the green/blue eyed people should negate brown eyed people. After all it’s just a color we are born with and do not get to choose.

It sounds just as silly as all the other foundations of discrimination. ...

— Rita Bier Miller

504 Russell Drive No. 41

To read the entire letter, see the Nov. 9, 2017 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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