Also wrapped up in Boca saga: Possible new Republican Museum
Dan Zimmerman

As if enough already wasn’t hinging on the city of Ripon’s lawsuit with Boca Grande Capital LLC, another issue appears contingent on it as well.

The entire history of the Republican Party.

Or, rather, a museum dedicated to it.

A group of local citizens aims to pick up and tweak a concept Boca once considered.

Unlike Boca’s idea, though, which would have focused on Republican presidents, this proposed museum would be an apolitical look at one of America’s primary political parties today.

But because the proposed idea would be housed in the Republican House building (located off Blackburn Street) now owned by Boca, the idea cannot move forward if the lawsuit against Boca continues.

Why? Because of a chain of events that likely would be set off by a continued lawsuit.

If the lawsuit isn’t settled in the near term, Boca principal Jim Connelly appears to be poised to declare bankruptcy for himself, and possibly Boca Grande as well.

If that happens, all of Boca’s buildings — the Republican House included — would become financial pawns in the process.

“The lawsuit has to be settled,” said Ripon resident Dan Zimmerman, spokesperson and leader of the group working toward creating the museum. “This building is not one of the buildings directly tied into what the city is doing [with its lawsuit]. However, because of the lawsuit, because it ultimately might drive bankruptcy, all the other assets and buildings Boca and Connelly have might get tied into it.”

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