After more than six months and several tense meetings, Green Lake city officials have issued a ruling regarding the vacation-rental dispute.

It was last August when a group of Forest Avenue residents first appeared before Green Lake city leaders, demanding that a neighborhood lakefront rental be shut down. They said it violates the zoning code.

Interestingly, what brought the issue to the forefront was some late-night noise last summer at the house. It’s located at 342 Forest Ave., owned privately but rented part-time by Sunrise Property Management.

This turned into a full-blown zoning dispute, part of which centered on whether this is a business or a part-time home that’s rented seasonally.

It’s becoming clear that the latter is most accurate. Renting a house periodically is not exactly a surefire way to pay lakefront property taxes and generate a business profit.

But the issue dragged on for months until this week, when the Common Council essentially killed the issue by upholding the city’s existing ordinance.

Then the council went a step further, and adopted the city engineering firm’s interpretation that the ordinance does allow vacation rentals in the residential lakeshore district.

With luck, this should end the headache. Read the full column in the April 15 issue of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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