Big changes coming at RMC
Joan Karsten

Plans to hire a new CEO of Ripon Medical Center (RMC) have been sidelined.

Instead, the center is cutting ties with its management group, and expanding the role of the president of its board of directors. It also will be hiring a temporary chief operating officer (COO) to oversee the day-to-day operations of RMC.

Yet all this could be just the first step toward bigger changes for Ripon’s only hospital.

RMC, which long has talked about creating strategic alliances with another health-care organization — if not outright partner with it — will take a hard look at those options in the coming months.

Those decisions should become final by mid-2011.

Change was coming

Some change, albeit maybe not this much change, was expected this winter at RMC after former CEO Jim Tavary stepped down to become the head of a hospital in Arizona.

Brim, later renamed HealthTech Management Services, began a search for Tavary’s replacement.

Providing a CEO is just one of several roles the company played with RMC as its management group.

But, as of this week, RMC’s board made it official it would not be renewing HealthTech’s contract, which expires Feb. 28, 2011.

Meanwhile, the current interim CEO — Neil Todhunter — has taken a position at HealthTech and will leave RMC as of the end of this year.

This precipitated several other key changes at RMC.

Read the full story in the Dec. 9, 2010 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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