Blue Design Co. LLC moves

Blue Design Co. owner Adam Downs, left, leans against the Crossroads Market vehicle. Blue Design Co. did the design wrap on the vehicle; the company will be able to do more such wraps when it moves into 114 E. Blossom St., shown behind Downs.

Adam Downs, owner of Blue Design Co. LLC, had his eye on the property along East Blossom Street for some time.

“I wanted that space since before we moved into this one,” he said. “... But this [space at 231 Watson St.] was renovated so nice, it was hard to pass this one up.”

Soon, the company will have its dream space.

On Aug. 1, Blue Design Co. will begin moving into 114 E. Blossom St., former home of The Forge and, before that, Ripon Classics.

It’s a move that takes the business off Ripon’s main street for the first time in four years, but keeps it a stone’s throw from its current location.

Being downtown has worked well for the business as it’s grown during its early days.

“We’ve been downtown for four years already,” Downs said. “[Business growth] has been nuts. For whatever reason, it’s been kind of crazy.”

Having the exposure on the downtown retail strip worked well as the business tried to establish its brand.

“The community down here, too, has been great,” Downs said. “We’re just running out of room.”

And with its reputation as a strong designer and installer of vinyl applications, Blue Design Co. no longer needs to be right downtown to gain attention.

“People will find us,” Downs said.

Moving one block east also enables Blue Design Co. more space for the large machines associated with vinyl work.

The new building is at least 50% bigger, ensuring the growing business will have the square-footage to grow as needed.

“We’ll have a garage, so we’ll be able to install right there, inside the building,” Downs said. “... It’s just a cool, old-looking building, and I think we can do some neat stuff to show [what we can do]. We can wrap a brick wall inside there and show people, ‘This is what we can do.’”

Read the full story in the July 16, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

Ian Stepleton is the editor of the Ripon Commonwealth Press, and been with the paper since September 2000. Starting with fall 2016, he also is an adjunct professor of journalism at Ripon College, and advisor to the college's newspaper, the College Days.

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