A “vague” handwritten bomb threat led to Ripon College evacuating its academic buildings for nearly two hours Monday morning.

No suspects have been identified as of press time. If someone is caught, that person will face at least four felony counts.

The disruption caused as many as 37 classes to be cancelled that morning.

“Early in the morning, some employees discovered several handwritten notes indicating a threat specifically for academic buildings, a bomb threat specifically for academic buildings,” Ripon College spokesperson Melissa Anderson said.

Ripon Police Capt. Bill Wallner clarified that it began with the discovery of a single “very vague bomb threat. Staff members called police and we responded.”

That first note was reported shortly after 8 a.m. This led to the evacuation of all academic buildings on the Ripon College campus.

Though all four notes were found in the same building — Farr Hall of Science — the notes simply stated a bomb could go off in any academic building.

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