If it’s the kind of event that needs an extra flourish, chances are Cathy Rost and her business, I Do Decorating and Rental Service, has embellished it at one time or another.

“This last summer we actually decorated a funeral,” Rost said.

Certainly, the focus of I Do Decorating and Rental Service remains making weddings sparkle.

But since Rost purchased the business 21 years ago, it has grown leaps and bounds.

Whereas word-of-mouth would give her leads on maybe 15 weddings a year back then, now she annually decorates in excess of 130 nuptials, while also helping people with countless other events — ranging from quinceañeras (a celebration of a girl’s 15th birthday) to fund-raisers and more.

With such demand comes a need for more space as well. That’s what led I Do Decorating and Rental Service to open its first storefront at 646 E. Oshkosh St.

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