Indigo B’lu reconnects shop owner with Green Lake

Barbara Berg stands among some of the products she offers at her new Green Lake shop, Indigo B’lu, at 535 Mill St.

Running a shop in Green Lake: it seems, at times, like maybe it’s been Barbara Berg’s proverbial white whale.

She thought she had the perfect moment for one in 1999.

“I was right next to the Knowledge Emporium from 1999 to 2002,” she said.

It was perfect at first: she could live at her family’s property on Green Lake, and run her shop downtown.

But “the year I signed my lease [for the business] my parents had to sell the property,” Berg said. “For three years I was staying in motels.”

By 2002, while the shop was doing well, the experiment wasn’t working as a whole — so she closed it and focused on retail in the Milwaukee area.

But Berg didn’t give up on her dream of making a shop work in Green Lake.

This summer, that dream finally was realized once more.

Berg opened her latest clothing and accessories shop, Indigo B’lu, at the beginning of June at 535 Mill St., and she’s thrilled.

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