New business want to help moms have Joyful Births

Kristin Bachleitner, left, and Megan Morris stand in their office at 301 Watson St., where they meet with clients of Joyful Birth Services.

The expectation for many new parents is that giving birth to a child will be a joyful experience as friends and family celebrate their new bundle of joy.

The reality, however, doesn’t always match.

A new Ripon business, though, hopes to help new mothers through what can be a scary and difficult process.

Joyful Birth Services, 301 Watson St., offers a range of services that can help a new mother prepare for birth, through the birth itself and afterward as well.

Run by two Ripon mothers, Kristin Bachleitner and Megan Morris, the effort is as much a passion project for them as it is a business.

“What makes us so excited about doing this is [the chance] to serve women in the way that we felt we wanted to be supported at that time,” Bachleitner said. “It makes us excited and happy to be able to fill that need that we felt like we had ...

“We’re here to provide support, education and resources for where to go if you have a regular medical need.”

The “services” of Joyful Birth Services are threefold: first, as a doula, or support person, for mothers-to-be; second, to provide a breast-feeding counseling to new moms; and third, offering placenta encapsulation.

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