New tattoo shop, Fossil Ink & Artistry, opening soon

Cassi Witt holds her 3-year-old daughter, Alaska, at her new Ripon business. Some of Witt’s artwork also hangs in the background.

When Cassi Witt thinks of fossils, she is reminded of something that’s “there for a lifetime. Just like tattoos.”

So it’s only appropriate that Witt, who loves dinosaurs and art alike, named her new shop Fossil Ink & Artistry.

Located at 114 E. Jackson St., Fossil Ink is Ripon’s first tattoo shop in years, and eventually will double as a small art gallery if Witt gets her wish.

It’s expected to open in the next few weeks, as soon as her final approval comes through.

Tattoo work, she explained, is an extension of her passion for art.

“I did a lot of oil paints back in the day; [then] I switched out of it and started doing a lot of colored pencil work, using all different kinds of media,” she said.

That’s actually how she got her foot in the door with the tattoo trade 11 years ago.

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