For roughly 40 years, Steve Yeomans has served the Ripon community as a chiropractor.

But he’s never been satisfied with just providing the service.

“I’ve never been content just doing chiropractic work and not pursuing an educational [component],” he said of teaching others. “I find learning intoxicating. I love putting courses together [to teach] and learning from others.”

Going the extra mile for the profession has meant sacrifices — but those sacrifices have paid off.

This fall, Yeomans was honored by the Wisconsin Chiropractic Association with the top award it offers: the Lifetime Achievement Award.

“I’m definitely humbled,” he said. “They only give it to one recipient per year, and it’s always to somebody that I’ve respected ...

“It’s not something that I’ve been looking forward to getting, but it’s an honor to have been nominated and chosen to be the recipient of it.”

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