Citizens seek relief from turkey vultures

First, it was an abundance of deer. Now, there are countless turkey vultures.

One could joke Green Lake’s Margaret Schultz and neighbors are living in a nature preserve on the city’s southeast side.

Schultz addressed concerns about the neighborhood turkey vulture population at the Green Lake Common Council meeting April 14.

“I’m here on behalf of, not just myself, but several neighbors who have discussed the problem,” Schultz said. “For the last three years at least, every spring and every fall, there is a turkey vulture onslaught [in Green Lake’s Sherwood Lane/Ernest Street neighborhood].”

“There can be up to 150 to 200 birds.”

Mayor Chuck Mirr agreed.

“I’ve seen them,” he said.

Schultz indicated the vultures migrate into an adjacent wooded area every spring and fall and roost there — fostering a creepy atmosphere and also a smell that lingers after they’re gone.

“They are a protected species, but they do cause a great deal of damage to the trees that they’re on,” Schultz said ... Continue reading the full article in the April 17 issue of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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