Neighbors of United Co-op’s plant on Ripon’s north-east side raised concerns earlier this year.

When grain is dropped into the pits at co-op, a certain amount of “dust” — often parts of the grain known as the “bee’s wings” — would fly into the air and blow onto their properties.

“My wife had to bring her laundry in and re-wash it with all the red chaff on it,” said Tony Kuharski, who lives a quarter mile from United Co-op.

An annoyance, to be clear.

But United Co-op wasn’t doing anything illegal, or that was outside of state or federal standards

Which is why, when Alan Jentz, vice president of the grain division for United Co-op told Plan Commission members last week Wednesday that his company would be spending hundreds of thousands of dollars to help alleviate this concern, commission members were all the more impressed.

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