Column: Hooked on trout fishing

It’s part woods, part marsh.

More specifically, it’s mostly deadfalls and trip hazards, a jungle of foliage and buckthorn, a branch or two to your face, slimy mud caked on your boots and (just to round out the fun) some mosquitoes.

But hiding inside that swath of untamed wilderness is a quiet, swirling, dark creek.

And in that creek are clever, tasty trout. Let the games begin!

Wisconsin’s fishing season opens Saturday, May 3, and assuming this rainy weather relents, you can expect anglers to be trying their luck all over — from the expanse of Big Green Lake to that tucked-away backwoods.

My dad and I will take on the backwoods. It’s been our go-to spot for the elusive brown trout for years and years.

This favorite spot of ours, west of Green Lake ... You don’t just plunk down a lawnchair and toss in a line.

If you’re serious about trout, you’ve got to follow the creek patiently from bend to bend, casting here, casting there, dodging the tangled underbrush almost every step.

Even when you reach an open window to the water, you’re likely to get snagged on a sunken log on your first cast.

Despite all that, for those who stick it out, there’s nothing like it when a shimmering brown trout bites and fights and lands in a handheld net. It’s the bounty.

Plenty of folks go searching for trout in that winding creek, but nobody hooks them home like my dad. More than once, we’ve come across frustrated, empty-handed fishermen on our way into the wilderness, only to venture upstream and have dad catch his limit (and mine) by mid-morning ... Continue reading the full column in the May 1 issue of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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