Column: In Green Lake, the Emperor's tax-relief plan has no clothes

Pop the champagne!

Thanks to the Wisconsin state government’s $100 million tax relief plan, if you own a piece of property in the Green Lake School District, you just saved 0.0009 cents.

But it gets better. If you own two parcels, you saved twice that much.

The proposal was announced last week with great fanfare.

“We encourage the people of this state to contact their legislators and say, ‘Stand up for us, the hardworking taxpayers, and vote for $100 million in property tax relief,’” Wisconsin Gov. Scott Walker proclaimed in an Oct. 15 press release.

The peacock fanning included the unveiling of a “Contact Your Legislators” button on Walker’s website to drum up support.

With little resistance, the proposal passed both legislative houses last week, and was signed into law Sunday.

The assistance is coming via school tax credits: $40 million this school year and $60 million next year. Basically, this new infusion of state cash will offset local school taxes.

But before anyone starts tapdancing on the sidewalk, it’s worth noting that Green Lake School’s share is ... wait for it ... $3 this school year.

No joke. See for yourself at the website for the Legislative Fiscal Bureau.

Three dollars divided by the 3,244 taxable parcels in the Green Lake School District means a savings of 0.0009 cents to the average Joe ... Continue reading in the Oct. 24 issue of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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