Dam rebuild expected to be substantially done this year

The city of Ripon’s Christmas present to the community?

The substantial completion of a new dam at the Gothic Mill Pond.

Once thought to be so delayed as to not be done until sometime in 2018, virtually all work on the project should be complete by the end of the year — weather depending.

That’s when water should be flowing over the new, ogee-style (curved) dam installed this year.

Water levels at the Mill Pond have been several feet lower all year since a contractor created a diversion channel to route water out of the pond, and then tore out the old broad-crested weir dam (a dam with a straight drop).

That led to many months of low water levels and broad beaches.

But no longer.

The temporary diversion channel has been removed, and “the water elevation already has come up some because [the new, permanent] diversion is smaller,” City Engineer Travis Drake said.

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