Board will get chance to OK Blossom Alternative Program

Blossom Alternative Program is one step away from becoming a permanent solution for helping elementary students with emotional and behavioral disabilities in the Ripon Area School District.

Next week Monday, the Ripon School Board will review the program, which was set up as a one-year pilot program.

At that meeting, it could decide to make it a permanent, school district program.

Based in St. Catherine of Siena Catholic Church on Blossom Street, the Blossom Alternative Program offers students an off-site, alternative-learning environment.

It provides educational experiences while also meeting the needs of students whose behavior hinders the safety, well-being and education of themselves and others in the regular and special education classroom settings.

The district’s finance committee members discussed the program’s status last week Tuesday. Barlow Park Elementary School Principal Tanya Sanderfoot updated them on how the program is doing.

Read the full story in the June, 14 2018 edition of The Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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