After losing two operating referendums this year, Green Lake School leaders have their work cut out.

A significant budget deficit looms next school year.

But honestly, trying to predict election results is like forecasting the Wisconsin weather.

The April referendum was asking for far less money, yet it failed by far more votes than the one in February.

It remains to be seen whether the School Board will attempt a third referendum, or slice more than $600,000. School leaders have sent mixed messages.

Just days before Tuesday’s vote, the administration shared fairly specific personnel cuts that could be made in the event of a failed referendum.

But in a recent e-mail to the staff, the administration also shared plans to recommend a third referendum attempt “in May or June” if necessary.

The reality is, even if the funding referendum ever passes the voters, it won’t solve the school’s long-term concerns.

Even with a successful vote, Green Lake School has more fish to fry than working within the school-funding laws. Read the full column in the April 8 Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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