A proposal to allow anglers to buy a one-day fishing license would generate interest in the activity while giving support to bait shops, a Green Lake-area lawmaker says.

Rep. Joan Ballweg is helping to introduce a bill to the state Legislature. It has support from Green Lake tourism leaders and the downtown sport shop.

“This bill will benefit small businesses that serve anglers and tourism in our state — and give folks the opportunity to try fishing,” the Markesan Republican said. “Currently on inland waters, the only option that Wisconsin residents have is to purchase an annual license.”

The Wisconsin DNR does sell four-day and 15-day fishing licenses to non-residents, but for residents, their only option is an annual license. That’s $20 for an adult, except senior citizens, who pay $7.

Ballweg believes more people would give fishing a try if one-day licenses were available at a reduced cost. The proposed bill would allow it for residents and non-residents for less than $10. Read the full story in the Jan. 14 issue of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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