Following a recount of the votes from the spring race between incumbent Supreme Court justice David Prosser and challenger JoAnne Kloppenburg, Prosser has gained ground in the city of Ripon.

Prosser now has 811 votes from the city of Ripon, up from 808 prior to the recount.

Kloppenburg, meanwhile, remains at 790 votes, after she gained a vote in one ward and lost one in another.

Prosser also picked up two votes in the village of Rosendale (240-154, vs. 238-154).

In other local townships, no change was reported following the recount. In each case, Prosser continues to win by the same margin:

In the town of Ripon, Prosser continues to win:

  • Town of Ripon, 257-139
  • Town of Rosendale, 186-95
  • Village of Brandon, 204-128
  • Village of Fairwater, 61-47

All totals, though, remain unofficial until certified.

Counties have until Monday, May 9 to complete the recounts.

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