Green Lake cancels run-water alert

UPDATE: As of today (Monday, April 14), the run-water alert has been cancelled in the city of Green Lake.

(Original story, posted April 9) ... Just a few more days ought to do it.

Then residents in the city of Green Lake can safely shut off their faucets, which the city had urged citizens to run nonstop at a pencil-size stream to prevent frozen water laterals.

Green Lake issued the run-water alert in February (as did several communities throughout Wisconsin) as a constant, bitter cold was causing frozen lines in many areas.

Despite the return of pleasant weather, Green Lake city Public Works Director Glen McCarty is urging residents to keep faucets running for another week.

As recently as Monday, April 7, McCarty measured frost 3 feet beneath the earth along Illinois Avenue, and noted some laterals remain frozen underground. A warming trend can actually push the frost deeper for a time, he said.

“We’re going to give it a few more days before telling people it’s OK to turn your water off,” McCarty said, adding it’s simply a precautionary measure due to the record levels of frost from a punishing winter.

“Haven’t seen this in probably 30, 40 years,” McCarty told the Commonwealth in February.

Ripon officials have given the green light to cease the practice, although Green Lake residents should wait until Tuesday, April 15 out of caution, McCarty said. Residents’ quarterly water/sewer bills will be adjusted accordingly.

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