Green Lake could hike fines for 'yard debris'

The former Hinky Dinks restaurant is an eyesore in Green Lake.

Green Lake city officials are growing weary of calls from city residents complaining about poorly maintained properties.

Even after the city addresses the issues, the calls continue the following year, with residents concerned about neighbors with boarded-up windows, un-mowed lawns, overgrown weeds and seemingly abandoned vehicles.

City Ald. Diana Galster-Kinas calls it “yard debris.”

She cited several examples of it during the city of Green Lake Committee of the Whole meeting Monday at City Hall.

The former Hinky Dinks restaurant at 304 South Lawson Drive is an example that city should be able to force the owners to address, Galster-Kinas said.

“All the windows are boarded up,” she said. “I know it’s for sale but it looks horrible. It does.”

Galster-Kinas also identified adjacent homes at 536 and 546 Illinois Avenue (continued below).

“If my property was next to them, my property value would go down,” she said. “I’d have trouble selling my property.”

Concerns about how people maintain, or fail to maintain, their properties have been long standing, Galster-Kinas said. “It’s been an issue for years and nothing’s been resolved.”

Mayor Chuck Mirr told Galster-Kinas he sympathized with her concerns but added that no improvements will be made unless the city levies fines as called for in its ordinances.

“What’s the fine?” he asked. “They’re not going to do anything until you start fining them.”

Mirr said he hears the same complaints ... Continue reading in the June 7 issue of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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