Town Square Tap

Town Square Tap founder Zach Frazier, middle, address the Green Lake Common Council, which includes Ald. George King, left, about his company’s liquor license. Listening to his right is attorney Trace Hummel, who was representing Green Lake Renewal/Town Square Community Center.

An ongoing battle between Town Square Tap and Green Lake Renewal Inc., which operates the Town Square Community Center, spilled over to the Green Lake Common Council Monday night.

But in the end, the status quo remained: Both parties will keep the same liquor licenses and premise descriptions from last year, despite objections from Town Square.

The issue about the licenses and who would hold them, which has been a topic of conversation since March, was fluid in the hours leading up to Monday night’s meeting.

According to Trace Hummel, an attorney from von Briesen & Roper that is representing Green Lake Renewal Inc., several months of negotiations were held with Town Square Tap founder Zach Frazier, but the parties could not come to an agreement on the issue.

Green Lake Renewal wanted to own the liquor license for the entire Town Square property and then have Town Square Tap, as a tenant within the building, to operate under that license. Frazier, however, did not see it the same way.

Green Lake Renewal then sought to change the area in which Town Square Tap’s liquor license would be valid, but ultimately decided to stick with the status quo.

The liquor license for Town Square Concessions LLC (Town Square Tap) will remain valid for 486 Hill St. and 492 Hill St., except the third floor of 486 Hill St. and the east of handicapped entrance of the Mill Pond Terrace at 492 Hill St.

For more information on the discussion, see the story in the June 11, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

Jonathan Bailey has been covering sports and general news assignments for the Ripon Commonwealth Press since 2011. He is a former reporter for The Green Laker, a summer publication produced by the Ripon Commonwealth Press, and now is its editor.

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