An unusually early trick-or-treating was greeted with unusually beautiful weather Sunday afternoon.

Kids from across Ripon and beyond poured into Watson Street in search of sweet treats on a still, sunny day with temperatures nearing 60 degrees.

Star Wars costumes appeared to be the most prevalent Sunday with the new movie’s release coming this winter, with the usual assortment of princesses, ghosts, zombies and super heroes accounting for many of the others.

Above right, it's the Pirates of Ransom Street (plus one mermaid)! The Wallner family gives their most menacing look as the “Pirates of the Carribean” theme song plays in the background. Pictured are, from left, Jake, Bill, Maggie and Sharon Wallner.

Below right, the "Jackson Five" perform. Playing music for candy are, from left, Tito (Theo Rauch), Jermaine (Jordan Whitrock), Michael (Sean Wells), La Toya (Jonah Roeper) and Janet (Tyler Granados), all of Ripon.

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