'History is repeating itself': Reporter warns Ukraine crisis similar to 1939 Nazi incursions
Olga Halaburda

Olga Halaburda lives in Green Bay but her head and heart are in Ukraine.

The former broadcast journalist spoke to about 125 area residents last week during an almost two-hour, standing-room-only gathering at the Brooklyn Town Hall.

“What you see in Ukraine today is history repeating itself,” said Halaburda, a reporter for WFRV-TV for 17 1/2 years and now a self-described stay-at-home mom.

But the first-generation Ukranian-American also travels on behalf of her sponsor, the Ukranian National Women’s League of America, Branch 115.

She was introduced by Green Lake County Register of Deeds Sarah Guenther.

Halaburda described the Ukrainian people’s history of experiencing corruption, beatings, torture, murder, ethnic cleansing and religious persecution at the hands of Russians.

Absent more support from the West, she fears that cycle may be repeated by of Russian President Vladimir Putin.

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