Hotel plan is delayed, not derailed

That downtown hotel that’s been discussed seemingly forever?

Don’t expect an answer on whether it will be built anytime soon.

Negotiations between the city of Ripon and the developer regarding a potential developer’s agreement have stalled.

“Right now we’re at a kind of an impasse,” said Don Klain of Lighthouse Hospitality, which is aiming to build a 60-room hotel along the 200 and 300 blocks of Watson Street. “The lawyers are trying to work out some stuff with the developer’s agreement. That’s going to delay us until next year for sure.”

But the deal is not dead.

“[I’m] fairly confident” the two sides will reach an agreement, Klain said. “... It depends on the city.”

The two sides are working to finalize details on a proposed developer’s incentive that’s expected to be as large as $1.8 million.

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