Local child abuse brings prison time

Christopher M. Lohry

A Green Lake man will spend hard time in prison for multiple acts of child abuse — in one instance, so harsh that the child is likely to suffer lasting injuries.

The physical abuse involved one 10-month-old boy and one 7-month-old boy in the city of Green Lake. As a result, Christopher M. Lohry, 24, 563 Sherwood Lane, Green Lake, has been sentenced to eight years in prison.

Court records share a glimpse of the injuries.

The first case of felony child abuse, filed in 2013, involved the 10-month-old boy. Authorities were summoned to the Ripon Medical Center emergency room for suspected child abuse, the criminal complaint states.

Initially, the hospital was told the boy had a “fall” at the 563 Sherwood Lane residence. The child “had a bruise on his left cheek under his eye [and] his right upper and lower eyelids appeared red and swollen,” the complaint reads.

The child was placed in the custody of grandparents when an investigation began.

Lohry allegedly told authorities the boy had fallen and injured himself while left unattended as Lohry checked the laundry. Later the story changed, with Lohry saying the child was dropped accidentally while being lifted from a crib.

The investigation continued, and ultimately a felony charge of child abuse came down. Judge Mark Slate released Lohry on a $1,000 signature bond while the case was pending.

But during that time, according to court documents, history repeated itself the following year with a different child — this one, a 7-month-old boy — and a more serious outcome.

Berlin Memorial Hospital notified Green Lake police that a 7-month-old child was being treated “for blood coming out of his ears” ... Continue reading the full story, only in the June 18 issue of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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