Three individuals have been arrested — with felony charges pending — following a methamphetamine bust Monday in rural Pickett.

Names will be released when charges are filed, although police say the three are linked through family ties.

Child protective services have been contacted as well, with a child or children listed living at the residence in question.

Law enforcement executed a search warrant Monday at a home at 279 County Road M south of Pickett, along with an abandoned building on nearby Mahlke Road, according to Brad Dunlap, project director with the Lake Winnebago Area Metropolitan Enforcement Group.

The investigation stemmed from a traffic stop in Port Washington, Wis., about two weeks ago, which identified an Oshkosh resident and a methamphetamine lab in Oshkosh.

“As a follow-through to that investigation, these other two meth labs were discovered, and a search warrant was served at the one house, 279 County M, and then a second abandoned building on Mahlke Road was searched as well,” Dunlap said.

How were authorities led to Pickett?

“Good investigation, without getting into the details,” Dunlap said.

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