New homes don’t get built in Ripon too often — typically, not more than a couple a year, with many years none being built.

But because an overgrown parcel is set to be split off an existing commercial property on Ripon’s west side, another new home soon may add to the city’s tax base.

The Ripon Plan Commission approved a request to change the zoning of the land from business (B-2) to residential (R-1). That is a step toward the property being sold to a family that would like to build a home there.

According to Lyn Herriot, owner of Yellow House Realty, the owner of the Fresenius Kidney Care property — Pritpal Kochhar of New York, N.Y. — owns not only the building in which it operates but 0.933 acres of vacant land adjacent to it at 63 Stoney Ridge Road.

“The seller ... purchased that whole area and did not realize he does not need that for parking or anything,” she said, noting it’s currently zoned for business operations (B-2). “So I made a suggestion to him to try and rezone it into an R-1 or R-2 [residential land].”

That’s exactly what the seller sought to do last week Wednesday night, which would enable him to subdivide the property and sell it for a new home.

“We have an offer sitting ready to be accepted on it, if indeed it is granted for a family, I believe, to build a single-family home,” Herriot said.

She added that getting the property sold also would be beneficial to the community because the current owner “is very frugal with when he should mow and when he shouldn’t mow ... because it’s gnarly. It needs to be cleaned up; it doesn’t look good.”

Read the full story in the July 23, 2020 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

Ian Stepleton is the editor of the Ripon Commonwealth Press, and been with the paper since September 2000. Starting with fall 2016, he also is an adjunct professor of journalism at Ripon College, and advisor to the college's newspaper, the College Days.

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