The collateral damage from switching Ripon High School (RHS) from eight-hour to seven-hour days is beginning to add up.

At the forefront are the changes the seven-hour day will bring in graduation requirements and required courses.

But an effect of these changes also creates conflicts with school start time and the possibility of “zero hour” classes taking place before the regular school day, among other issues.

Similar to the listening sessions held the prior week, discussion at Monday’s Ripon Area School Board meeting addressed these topics.

Required high school credits are likely to be reduced to 23 or 24, down from the current 27.

A product of this change would be fewer options available to students and possible changes in required courses. Current requirements that could be eliminated and that are not included in core requirements from the state include vocational arts, fine arts and financial literacy.

Several attendees addressed the board on the financial literacy requirement and its flagship class, personal finance.

Alisha Turpin, a 2010 RHS graduate, told the board of the importance of the personal finance course. Turpin said she recently moved in with her fiance and is facing paying bills for the first time.

Read the full story in the May 19, 2011 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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