Roadhouse Pizza has not been sold by Boca ... yet

For now, Boca Grande Capital LLC still owns Ripon’s best-known pizza joint.

But just because Roadhouse Pizza hasn’t been sold yet doesn’t mean it won’t be sold, according to Alisa Zabel of Roadhouse.

“We’re working toward a successful closing, and hope to know more within the next 30 days,” she said.

It had been expected that Roadhouse would sell by no later than Tuesday.

Meanwhile, it remains unclear who the buyers are, though all signs point toward Zabel and Roadhouse manager Andrew Radke as the prospective purchasers.

An application turned in to the city of Ripon for a sidewalk cafe license appears to suggest that they are taking over ownership.

Under the section “Full Name of Corporation/Limited Liability Co.,” Radke and Zabel’s names are listed as being the members of “Roadhouse Pizza, LLC.”

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