Ripon High School students soon could be playing the video game “Halo” on school time.

The Halo Club was one of three clubs the Ripon Area School Board will consider approving at a future meeting after discussing them Monday night.

The other two clubs were the Improv Club and the PRIDE (People Respecting Individuals through Diversity Education) Club.

Student Derek Stibb was in attendance at the meeting representing the Halo Club.

Halo is a game that involves several players — or “gamers” as they are often referred to — as teammates competing for a common goal.

Stibb said the game promotes teamwork and would allow interaction among classmates. He also said he believes approximately 30 people would be interested in being involved in the club.

School Board members expressed concern with the violent nature of the game since it is considered a first-person “shooting game.”

Read the full story in the Dec. 24, 2009 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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