In relatively quick fashion, a raise has been granted to teachers in the Ripon Area School District.

Although it’s higher than the board’s starting offer, the union leadership expressed disappointment this week.

School Board members agreed Monday to give each full-time-equivalent teacher a base-wage raise of $902 for 2013-14. Part-time teachers will receive a pro-rated increase.

The motion carried 7-0, with board President David Scott abstaining.

Board members offered no public discussion on the matter during the meeting. Earlier in the evening, district/teacher negotiations were to be discussed in closed session.

The settlement is $266 higher per teacher than what the district initially proposed in early September. At that time, the district was offering each full-time-equivalent teacher a base-wage raise of $636.

Teachers already agreed to the $902 during a union meeting in early October, negotiator/teacher Paul Wiegel said.

The agreement left Wiegel disappointed, however, as the board’s final offer fell just shy of the maximum the district could give under state law. That’s 2.07 percent, which is the consumer price index.

The 2.07 percent is what the teachers had asked for.

“I was pleased that the second offer from the board was higher than their initial offer; I saw that as progress,” Wiegel told the Commonwealth. “However, even though I recommended approval of the offer and voted for it myself, I’m a bit disappointed, but not because of the amount of the increase ..."

Read the full story in the Oct. 24, 2013 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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