First thing you need to know about Ripon’s Alan and Leona Gee:

Yes, they go out and “hunt” ghosts. But don’t get them mixed up with movie and TV portrayals such as “Ghostbusters.”

“Our packs are in the shop,” they laughed.

The second thing to know?

They believe they are at least as skeptical of claims of spirits and hauntings as you are.

Maybe more so.

But that doesn’t keep them from thoroughly enjoying each and every paranormal investigation they go on with their group, the Wisconsin Area Paranormal Society (WAPS).

Ninety percent of the time they go on an investigation, they “debunk” the concern a property owner has — they’ve even figured out some semi-famous “hauntings” around the Midwest.

But that’s “only” 90 percent of the cases. The rest?

“I’d say probably, 10 percent of the time ... there may be truth to the claims,” Alan said.

And that’s where the real fun is for the Ripon couple.

After hundreds of investigations dating back years and years, both Alan and Leona say they’ve seen — and felt — the real thing.

Read the full story in the Oct. 31, 2013 edition of the Ripon Commonwealth Press.

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